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2015 Divisional Award Winners

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Gold Medalist

  Gold Medals
    (78103) Brickin' Awesome Eco Brick
        Student: Michael Fyfe
        School: Glenmary School

    (910302) Artistic Mook
        Student: Chaya Paul
        School: Glenmary School

    (78204) Monoculture contre Polyculture
        Student: Dylan Desharnais
        School: G.P. Vanier

    (910105) Quantum Levitation
        Students: Brendyn Larson , Abdullah Sharkawi
        School: Prairie River

    (78317) Is The Grass Always Greener When The Water's Cleaner?
        Student: Amy Eckhart
        School: Glenmary School

    (910207) Not Just Nicotine - Exposing Tobacco Secrets
        Student: Josh Delacruz
        School: Grande Prairie Public School District